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'Whittlesea Community Futures Ageing Cluster' is a group of agencies working together with shared commitments and goals. The ageing cluster is one of the four clusters of the broader Whittlesea Community Futures (WCF) partnership, with a focus on ageing population of City of Whittlesea. The cluster is mandated to work on issues related to ageing through advocacy, securing resources, systemic improvements and collaborative planning.

The ageing cluster has a collaborative relationship with the broader partnership and other cluster of WCF, in which it shares the vision of WCF partnership. The ageing cluster of WCF will coordinate with other networks operating in Whittlesea with similar or related mandates and will ensure there is no duplication of work. The 'Whittlesea Community Futures Ageing Cluster' works on a strategic level to achieve its objectives.

Vision statement

Whittlesea Community Futures

A connected and inclusive community that shapes its own future.

Ageing Cluster, WCF

A healthy, connected and inclusive ageing community that shapes its own future.

Objectives of the Cluster

All member agencies are committed in principle to work collaboratively on all aspects of the ageing in consideration and respect of different policies and practices between agencies for the best outcome for the ageing population of this municipality. The objectives of the cluster are:

  • To provide leadership and guidance to WCF and the municipality on issues related to ageing.
  • To ensure the voice of older people is embedded in the collaborative works of the cluster.
  • To be a platform for advocacy, collaborative planning, service system development and collective action on issues related to ageing as they arise.
  • To promote strategic alliances and prevent duplication.
  • To advocate for resources, both financial and non-financial, to strengthen the service systems of the ageing sector in City of Whittlesea and leveraging the use of resources through collaborative approaches.
  • To collate and channel knowledge and information that will influence policy development and advocacy for systemic improvements.

The Status of Cluster and Relationship to the WCF Broader Partnership

  • The cluster is part of the Whittlesea Community Futures broader Partnership, works in conjunction with it and derives strength from the wider partnership.
  • The cluster lead and on his/her absence a delegate and/or WCFs project officer will update the WCFs broad partnership on the views and developments of the cluster.
  • The WCFs broader partnership will provide its inputs to the cluster for its consideration.
  • The cluster has a collaborative relationship with the broader partnership and aligns itself with the strategic directions and values of the broader WCF partnership.
  • The cluster provides leadership and guidance on ageing issues to the WCFs broader partnership.
  • The cluster lead and on his/her absence a delegate and/or the WCF project officer will share and inform the discussions of the broader WCFs partnership to the cluster.

Meeting Times

The ageing cluster will meet at least in a bi-monthly basis while the general order will be monthly meetings. In general, 03.00 pm of the fourth Thursday of the month would be the meeting time. The meeting venue could be Council venues in Whittlesea, office of member agencies and other collectively agreed venues within City of Whittlesea. However, the date, time and venue of the next ageing cluster meetings will be discussed and finalized in the previous meeting and the information will be sent to all the member agencies.


The membership of the cluster is open to; agencies working in the ageing sector in City of Whittlesea or in the Northern region, service providers having a direct or indirect influence on ageing, City of Whittlesea staff, City of Whittlesea Councilors, Government departments and agencies planning to operate in City of Whittlesea in the future.

Method of Communication

All members in the membership list will receive via email the minutes and agendas for every meeting, and any information passed on by other Network members.

Further information and details

Please contact Thiyagerajah Abarajitha (Abi), Whittlesea Community Futures Project Officer of City of Whittlesea for further in formation on Whittlesea Community Futures Partnership and ageing cluster.

  • Thiyagerajah Abarajitha (Abi)
    Whittlesea Community Futures Project Officer
    City of Whittlesea

    Phone: (03) 9217 2524
    Mobile: 0457 877 726
    Fax: (03) 9409 9869
    TTY: (03) 9217 2420
    Email: thiyagerajah.abarajitha@whittlesea.vic.gov.au
    Web Address: www.whittlesea.vic.gov.au
    Street Address: Civic Centre, 25 Ferres Boulevard, South Morang 3752 (Melway 183 A10)
    Postal Address: Locked Bag 1, Bundoora MDC 3083

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