Social statistics tool

Information about Social Conditions in Victorian Municipalities: tables, maps, tools and tips.

This tool provides census 2011 summaries of population and social conditions within all Victorian municipalities. The website

The information includes summaries of conditions within each municipality and suburb, as well as tables of information about birthplaces, spoken languages, English fluency and literacy, families, births, housing, health, disability, community connection, educational outcomes, gambling, crime, transport and other issues.

Maps of social conditions across metropolitan Melbourne are also available, under the heading 'Maps'. Based on the findings of the 2011 Census, these maps give a detailed picture of the distribution of residents of various birthplaces and spoken languages, as well as incomes, housing types, educational outcomes, religion and disability levels, across Melbourne.

A selection of tools are available to provide the means to view correlations between social conditions, to tabulate surveys, prepare Gantt charts, and prepare population forecasts.

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