WCF Project Prospectus - Call for Philanthropists and Businesses to Get on-board

In 2014/15 financial year, the City of Whittlesea was the fifth largest growing LGA in raw number of new residents and seventh fastest growing LGA in Australia. It was the third largest growing and the third fastest growing LGA in Victoria. Its Estimated Residential Population for 2015 is 194,498 and it is expected to rise to 328,393 by 2035.

The rapid transformation of Whittlesea in to a growth corridor of metropolitan significance has stretched its services and infrastructure to its limits. The gap between demand and supply of human service delivery and infrastructure needs has widened ever since. A more consorted effort and a partnership approach are needed from Federal, State and Local Government as well as from range of Community Service organisations to cater to the ever growing demand. While the funding pool available for community services from the Government of all levels and traditional funding bodies is shrinking, the needs of the community is exponentially growing.

This necessitates the community services sector to build strong partnership and to be innovative in finding the resources to support their target communities. WCF Project Prospectus is one such initiative being launched by the WCF Partnership.

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