The following has been identified as the key priorities of the WCF Partnership. A range of strategic actions have been developed under each of these priorities. Clusters have been established for each of these priorities to take the actions forward. The WCF Partnership plays a major role in advocacy, collaborative planning, development of innovative service models and pursuing resources for services across all these priorities.

Family & Children

Family & Children is one of the key priorities of the partnership as households with children makes nearly 56% of the total population of the municipality. The Whittlesea Early Years Partnership (WEYP), which is the sector leader, has further identified Family Violence and Early Childhood Intervention as the key priorities to be addressed by the group.


The WCF Partnership has identified 'Youth' as one of its key priorities. The demand for services, opportunities and age appropriate infrastructure has tremendously increased in the recent times. The Whittlesea Youth Commitment (WYC), a partnership of agencies working in the youth sector is leading the way. It has identified Youth Engagement & Connection, Youth Mental Health and Youth Homelessness as key priorities to be addressed by the group.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Communities

City of Whittlesea is the third most multicultural municipality in Victoria. The WCF partnership has identified this as one of its key priorities and has further identified Family Violence, Racism & Community Relations, and Employment as its sub priorities. CALD communities cluster is playing a key role in this sector.

Positive Ageing

People over 50 years of age makeup 26.1% of the total population and in the recent times significant increase in the number of old people have been observed. Recognising this reality, the WCF Partnership has identified Positive Ageing as one of its key priorities. The Positive Ageing cluster has further identified Community Transport, Service Provision, and Positive Ageing as the sub priorities to be addressed by the group.

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